Tim Donaghy asking to end probation, after court terminates sports betting employment

By David Payne Purdum / @DavidPurdum

Tim Donaghy’s probation office wouldn’t allow him to take a job managing a chain of Florida-based ice cream shops, but signed off on the ex-NBA ref working for a sports betting radio show and website.

That changed Monday, when a New York court ordered Donaghy to end his employment with sports handicapper Daniel T. Biancullo, aka Danny B.

“My extreme disappointment in the outcome of the hearing in front of U.S. District Judge [Carol Bagley] Amon leaves me no choice but to file a formal appeal with her court this Friday, in order to restore my ability to earn a living,” Donaghy said in an emailed statement Thursday.

Donaghy’s attorney Nick Mooney later clarified that his client is not appealing the ruling, but instead asking for his probation to be terminated, ending his employment restrictions. His probation is currently scheduled to end in November.

Donaghy had been working as an analyst for Danny B. since Oct. 2010, roughly a  year after was released from prison after serving 13 months for being the centerpiece in an NBA gambling scandal.

He appeared on the radio show “The Sports Connection” and had been providing sports betting insights with Bianculla on Sportsconnectionwins.com. Donaghy’s picture was still on the front of the website early Thursday evening.

Before joining Sports Connection Wins, Donaghy went through a series of steps, including undergoing multiple mental evaluations, to get cleared by his probation officer to work with Bianculla, according to court documents.

But when it was uncovered that Biancullo, who also uses the alias Danny Berrelli, had a past felony conviction on gambling charges, an investigation was launched, resulting in a Monday hearing conducted by phone. As a part of his probation, Donaghy is not allowed to associate with felons.

During the investigation, Biancullo told probation officer Ms. Gerri Cotter that Donaghy did not know of his previous convictions and had done nothing wrong, court documents show.

Donaghy represented himself at the New York-based hearing that Mooney says was unnecessary and unusual. Most probation employment issues are handled directly by the probation office, which, according to Mooney, just “tell you to stop working there.”

“That’s an unfortunate situation that restricts Mr. Donaghy’s ability to earn a living and support he and his family,” said Mooney, who is representing Donaghy in his civil case against his former book publisher Shawna Vercher. “Mr. Donaghy looks forward to putting everything behind him about this case and move forward with his life, daughters and family.”

After his release from prison in November 2009, Donaghy submitted 150 resumes while looking for employment.. He had secured a job overseeing several ice cream shops, but his probation officer didn’t allow him to take the position due the travel required.

He worked for a licensed gambling treatment center, Firststep Inc., for brief period, but the the New Jersey-based center was unable to pay due to financial issues.

All this came on top of his book publisher failing to pay him royalties on his book, “Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA.” Donaghy won a judgment against his former publisher, Tampa-area political radio host Shawna Vercher, and will be in civil court Friday, when the final ruling, including the exact settlement figures, will be announced. The initial ruling found Vercher to be liable for more than a million dollars in unpaid royalties.

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