Wayne Root didn’t recall interview with Ga. Senator Chip Rogers

By David Payne Purdum / @DavidPurdum

Politician and sports handicapper Wayne Root does so many interviews that he says it’s easy to forget who’s interviewing him – even if the interviewer is the majority leader of the Georgia Senate.

In May, Root said he had never met Ga. Senator Chip Rogers, who is under fire for his role as a TV tout and sports betting operation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Root has been a sports betting prognosticator and pick seller for years and still owns WinningEdge.com. He has emerged in the political scene and was the 2008 Libertarian candidate for Vice President.

[Read the interview here].

But Root appeared on a radio show guest hosted by Rogers on Dec. 9. According to audio obtained by David Purdum Sports,  Rogers, who was guest hosting the Martha Zoller Show on 103.7 FM in Georgia, opened the interview by saying, “always good to hear from you” and closed it by saying, “Wayne’s a great guy.”

It certainly sounds like Rogers and Root had met before. Maybe their paths crossed in the sports betting world or in the political arena. But it also could have been just radio rhetoric. Or maybe Rogers was just pretending again, like he did when portraying a role of an expert sports handicapper Will “The Winner” Rogers.

Root maintained that he had never met Rogers in an email exchange this week, adding, “If I spoke to him one time on phone as guest host, who cares? I did not know it. It was just another guest host/voice on the radio. I don’t understand why you would care? I don’t think it’s a crime to have been a guest on a show one time with ANYONE!”

Meanwhile, Georgia voters are at the polls today to decide whether or not Rogers will win another term.

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