Illegitimate betting tickets could have handicapping service in hot water

By David Payne Purdum / @DavidPurdum

From artificially enhanced Twitter followings to make-believe handicappers, the shady element of the sports betting industry will stop at nothing to take advantage of the gullible among us.

But the fine folks at ATS Consultants may have crossed a line that could have them in trouble with Nevada Gaming Control.

What’s wrong with this picture? (Photo courtesy of Beyond the Bets).

As first reported by the sharp scoops at Beyond the Bets, ATS Consultants published an approximately 800-word story on its site, claiming to have won $625,815 on a futures bet on the Miami Heat to win the NBA title. The handicapping service also nailed the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl for a “seven-figure” payday. They even have pictures of the tickets as proof of how deadly accurate they are.

The only problem — the tickets aren’t real.

When was the Super Bowl played again?

“It’s not legitimate,” MGM sportsbook manager Jay Rood said in an email. “They didn’t even proof read them well. Look at the Giants ticket. Event date and the ticket written date, among a few other BIG mistakes but, won’t go into details so they won’t be better on the next scam. Sad, Madoff-ish, presenting false results. Maybe the government should provide them with something to do like picking up trash on the highways.”

Rood contacted Gaming Control on Sunday to report the altered tickets. Gaming Control was reviewing the case Monday.

The story also features a NASCAR ticket from the M Resort. No one from Cantor Gaming was available Sunday to confirm if it was also a fake.

ATS Consultants is located in Baltimore, Md., according to the site. You can give them a shoutout on their success at 1-800-772-1287 or via email at

Comment requests made to ATS Consultants via email and Twitter were not immediately returned.

(Update: It appears ATS Consultants have taken the story down from their site. Too bad for them, they also sent it out as a press release and screen shots are easy to archive).

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