Pacquiao vs. Bradley judges to review fight with Nevada Athletic Commission

By David Payne Purdum / @DavidPurdum

The three judges from the controversial Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight have been contacted by the Nevada Athletic Commission and will be reviewing the DVD of the fight with NAC Executive Director Keith Kizer soon.

In a Monday afternoon phone interview, Kizer said the NAC has communicated with judges C.J. Ross, Duane Ford and Jerry Roth and each agreed to come in and go over the DVD of the fight, which Bradley won by a split-decision.

Kizer is waiting for the DVD then will schedule what he characterized “as a general training session” at the judges’ convenience. He added that this type of review is not ordinary and usually takes place only after controversy.

“We don’t have them very often,” Kizer said.

Meanwhile, promoter Bob Arum has demanded the Nevada Attorney General’s office investigate the decision. A spokesperson for Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said in an email statement to David Purdum Sports: “We can’t confirm nor deny whether we have an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Kizer did not know when the meeting with the judges would be held, but said it would definitely happen this month and possibly as early as this week, depending on when he receives a copy of the DVD.

The review session will be focused on the most controversial rounds, where the judges’ scoring differed the most. The tape will be stopped frequently, explained Kizer, and judges will be asked to verbalize their thought process of how they scored the fight.

Ross and Ford scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Bradley, seven rounds to five. Roth had it 115-113, Pacquiao.

Kizer, who attended the fight, had Pacquaio winning on his card, but believes the decision was not nearly as askew as most believe.

“I thought Pacquiao had built up a pretty comfortable lead,” Kizer said, “but then I gave the last three rounds to Bradley. When I looked at my internal score, I thought Pacquiao was winning the fight and in the end I had 7-5 for Pacquiao. I thought I had Pacquiao way ahead, and it ended up being a two-point fight on my card.”

Kizer points to respected boxing analysts Brian Kenny and Thomas Hauser who each had Bradley winning. Kizer all said among the hundreds of emails and phone calls he’s received that there are people who believe Bradley won the fight.

But Ryan Maquinana of Comcast Sports compiled a list of media ballots that showed just how few people thought Bradley won the fight: 50 of 53 ballots had Pacquiao winning.

“The last thing that was like this was [Oscar] De La Hoya-Mosley II,” Kizer said. “All three judges had 7-5 in favore of Mosely. De La Hoya came out saying he wanted an investigation; they were going to go to the FBI … of course, they never did. Years later, when you look back, most people believe Mosley won that fight. Whether that will be the case with this fight three or four years from now, I don’t know.”

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